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   Now in its 5th season the LYNX has proven itself as a lightweight and adjustable sitski. This sitski is a great choice for beginner and advanced skiers alike. Its unprecedented range of adjustment makes it an excellent choice for progarams as well.

   Lightweight : At under 19lbs oz. (frame only) the LYNX is the lightest sitski on the market. This is possible trough precision CNC machining producing fully billet 6061-t6 frames and components.

   Adjustable: While most sitskis are locked into one geometry, KBG sitskis offer an endless range of set up options. The footrest and seat angles are completely customizable.

   Progressive Suspension: The LYNX uses a linkage to create a progressive springrate. This increases small bump sensitivity in the first half and improves big bump performance in the second.

   MRP Raze 2CR shock: Developed for downhill and agressive biking, the Raze provides a firm, nimble, stable and quick suspension feel. The shock is easy to fine tune (rebound, high and low speed compression) and is readily servicable.

   Seating Versatility: You can adapt your current bucket, or buy a new Aspen Seating Bucket. Your seat will come with standard straps with M2 ratchet straps optional.

   Durable: Kevin Bramble is known for building strong sitskis and the LYNX incorporates many of the same principles that he has built his reputation upon. 

Your sitski comes with your choice of A-Arm Colors. Check out colors at:



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