Prices starting at $3999

 A truly innovative design for cross country sitskis, the KBG ARTIK was commisioned to be designed and built by Kevin Bramble to enable sitskier Grant Korgan to reach the south pole in an expedition know as “THE PUSH”. Now the 3rd generation ARTIK is availible to everyone.

   Lightweight: At under 10lbs the KBG ARTIK is the only articulating cross country sitski availible on the market and achieves it’s light weight from a marriage of carbon fiber and 7005 aluminium.

  Articulation: Skis are connected via hiem joints to allow skis to not only articulate edge to edge but also allows skis to articulate tip to tail, allowing the skis to “walk” up and over obstacles. The articluation allows the ARTIK to makes downhill style ski turns as well as treverse side slopes.

  Cane Creek Inline: The Cane Creek Inline shocks are used in an opposing configuration as centering compensators. The adjustablity of the shock allows the skier to deterimine the amount of articulation as well as adjust the compression and rebound on each shock. A lock out mechanism on shocks enables the skier to flip a lever for a ridgid cross country sitski.

  Adjustable: The carbon fiber footrest telescopes for different height skiers as well as the seat mounts adjust on the frame.

Seating: A custom carbon/kevlar seat is availible for the lightest option or an Aspen seating seat comes standard.

Bindings: The ARTIK comes standard with a binding interface to allow sitski to click into 4 bindings (not included) that are opposed to each other on the skis

Your sitski comes with your choice of a frame color. Check out colors at



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