Its is said, “necessity is the mother of invention”, two time paralympic downhill champion Kevin Bramble needed a sitski that would perform to the rigorous demands of world class competition as well as hold together under the punishment of progressive free skiing,  KBGoodZ was born !!

  The new generation KBG’s have evolved the performance of the original KBG’s into  lighter, stiffer, highly more adjustable skis and with 4 different models to chose from there is a KBG sitski to fit every need. With 3D rendering and modern CNC machining the KBG’s have a host of integrated components that make the new line of KBG’s the first sitkis to have a product line that uses similar components through out.

  Kevin Bramble’s reputation for innovative design lead the south pole expedition “The Push” to commission Kevin to design and build an articulating cross country ski to make the arduous trek across Antarctica. The knowledge gained from that expedition has lead to the development of the 3rd generation KBG ARTIK articulating cross country ski.

  Kevin Bramble being disabled himself is always looking for innovative designs to allow him access to freedom and fun. Kevin has designed a host of other products to enhance his own life that are now available to the masses. From his take on a folding wheelchair, the PLIC to a side hack electric bike the TOWNSEND, along with a universal suspension frame for wake boarding and skateboarding, KBGoodZ is always looking towards the progression of disabled sports.