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It is said, "necessity is the mother of invention" Kevin Bramble, two time Paralympic, World and National Champion needed a sitski to meet his rigorous demands for world class competition, as well as withstand the punishment of aggressive freeriding, the KBG was born.

KBG has been producing world class sitskis since 1999, many of KBG's designs have won numerous Paralympic and World titles at the hands of athletes from all over the globe. KBG is committed to the progression of adaptive equipment looking far into the future.

KBG's innovative approach to building equipment brings a line of sitskis with a universal component package across different models. Their innovation  doesn't stop with sitskis. KBG builds other products not typically found in the disabled community. KBG's designs include quadcycles, wake/skateboards, wheelchairs and anything else Kevin Bramble may find interesting for himself to build and go rip!!

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