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KBG LYNX is a proven lightweight, adjustable sitski and a great choice for beginner to advanced skiers. With its adjustability and ease to ski it's a great choice for programs as well

  • Lightweight : under 20lbs

  • Adjustable : endless seating/footrest positions

  • Progressive Suspension : rising rate levered geometry

  • Adjustable ride height : 2 ride heights for beginner/advanced skiing

  •  DVO Shock : coilover nitrogen filled MTB shock

  • Prismatic colors : choose your personal color (2 stage colors +$150)

  • Seating Verastilty : adapts to almost any seat

  • Durable : KBG"s proven quality

Pricing Options

  • Complete LYNX w/DVO shock $5999 (seat is NOT included)

  • All sales are final, NO returns, NO refunds, NO exceptions

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