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KBG JAY RAWE Signature in its second generation, is the latest to the KBG lineup! The JAY RAWE is a lightweight, highly adjustable, new school ski with forward to back geometry allowing for tip pressure into the turn and then moving your weight back over the tail as the turn develops. Ski boasts 7" of travel with a progression suspension geometry. Unlike other skis on the market the JAY RAWE keeps the unsprung mass directly over the binding reducing the undesirable effects associated with unsprung mass.

  • Lightweight : under 20lbs (w/o seat)

  • Suspension :  7" of progressive suspension

  • Adjustable : endless seating/footrest positions

  • Adjustable ride height :  2 ride height positions

  • Prismatic colors : choose your personal color (solid tone only)

  • Seating Versatility : adapts to almost any seat

  • Durable : KBG's proven quality  

Pricing Options

  • Complete JAY RAWE w/FOX shock $6499 (seat is NOT included)

  • All sales final, NO returns, NO refunds, NO expceptions

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